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Peeled to Perfection: The Autumn Glow Facial at Omniya MediClinic

Is this the best facial in London? Omniya MediClinic in Knightsbridge will make you rethink how you view a chemical peel

We have raved about Omniya before; a unique MediClinic in the heart of Knightsbridge renowned for its all-encompassing bespoke menu and exceptional product rage of niche and cult skincare masters. 

Forget fluffy facials –  Omniya has fast become our go-to for treatments which actually work, combining dermatology, health and wellbeing. The Omniya shop is also festooned with skincare goodies; part pharmacy, part chic boutique, stocking brands including SkinCeuticals, ZO by Zein Obagi and MediK8. 

I visit Omniya for the Autumn Glow package, putting my face in the hands of the highly skilled (and completely lovely) Kerry Payne. The new treatment is designed to revive and nourish sun-beaten skin and prepare your face for the cold winter weather. 

Payne tucks me into my heated bed as I prepare for step one, a light chemical peel – three little words known to induce fear into unknowing women everywhere – myself included – largely thanks to Samantha Jones' unfortunate experience in Sex & The City circa season five.

Stay with me though. This stimulating, gentle peel feels like nothing more than an intense exfoliation. Warm, tingly but by no means uncomfortable, the two-minute treatment is finished quicker than you can say Carrie Bradshaw. 

For the remaining 88 minutes, my skin is gently scrubbed and slathered with moisturising luxe lotions by much lauded Zo Skin Health. Payne is an expert in extraction, assiduously de-clogging my pores before applying a silky, hydrating mask. My face is also placed under an LED light – a wonder bulb that hydrates, conquers blemishes and fights against ageing. 

Omniya’s treatments work hard to improve complexion, beat blemishes and prolong youthfulness

Following the treatment, there are a few mild side-affects: I have a one or two break-outs and my skin is slightly dry from rigorous extraction. This however only proves that, unlike many other facials which are often just moisturiser with a good PR spin, Omniya’s treatments work hard to improve complexion, beat blemishes and prolong youthfulness. 

By the end of the week, my skin feels light, bright, smooth and spotless. The Omniya Glow is real. 

£175 for 90 minutes; Omniya Mediclinic, 3A Montpelier Street, SW7; www.omniya.co.uk