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Bugatti & Palmer Johnson: the Niniette Sport Yacht

If you’re in the market for a sport yacht, you won’t find one with better credentials than the latest design to hit the world of luxury. This brainchild of Palmer Johnson (the world’s largest motor yacht builder) and Bugatti (maker of the world’s fastest production super sports car, the Veyron) is certainly making a splash.

“This collector’s item will thrill maritime aficionados.” – Dr. Stefan Brungs, Bugatti

Not one, but rather a series of three elegant carbon-fibre boats, each Niniette features distinctive Bugatti design elements and is crafted from advanced materials. The PJ63 is the central model in the series which, at 63ft long, houses luxurious accommodation for up to four guests, plus a crew cabin. Its sister vessels, the PJ42 and PJ88 (at 42ft and 88ft respectively) round out the series.

“The Palmer Johnson Niniette is the result of a maverick vision to perfect that delicate alchemy between desire and demand.” – Timur Mohamed, owner of Palmer Johnson

Each luxury yacht picks up on style elements from Bugatti’s classic models and combines them with the revolutionary hull shape of Palmer Johnson’s SuperSport series (which achieves 38 knots, the equivalent of around 70kph). From the side, the design is highlighted by a contrasting blend of ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight titanium and dark blue exposed carbon-fibre.

On deck, the combination of the brown bubinga, maple or naturally blue morta oak wood offers a classic contrast with the high-tech materials used in the hull of the yacht.

With power, advanced design and classic design heritage, the Niniette is undoubtedly one of the best looking sport yachts on the water. Waiting lists for this beauty are bound to be long, and since it takes around 12months to build each model, you'd better get on one if you're planning on giving this magnificent gift next Christmas.

The Niniette is available in three models, 42ft to 88ft, prices start from €2million