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Celebrate Chocolate Week at Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard

Luxury London joined Executive Pastry Chef Heather Kaniuk for an exclusive chocolate masterclass at Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard

Aprons at the ready, the line-up of undomesticated journalists and bloggers (or perhaps that just describes me) eyed the professionally presented dessert and wondered how on earth we were going to replicate that work of edible art in the space of a few hours.

Chef Heather’s Shangri-La Or Noir Marquise is the hotel within The Shard’s signature chocolate-inspired dessert. No doubt Chef Heather and her team will be rolling out several of the sweet treats in the hotel’s restaurants as this week is none other than Chocolate Week in the UK. Having tried my hand at creating just one, I have full respect for those tackling the orders in the pastry kitchen this week.

So what is Shangri-La Or Noir Marquise? The signature dessert is made from a soft chocolate mousse, a flourless chocolate sponge dressed with candied kumquats and served with sea buckthorn sorbet. But it’s not just any old chocolate, all chocolate desserts, drinks (the Shangri-La hot chocolate is superb) even the chocolates you may find on your pillow when staying the night at Shangri-La London are made from the hotel’s bespoke blend of chocolate, Or Noir, which was chosen and blended by Chef Heather.

We whisked egg whites, melted chocolate, blanched kumquats (as you do) and caramelised hazelnuts and tried our best not to be distracted by the far-reaching views of London through the windows and not to eat all the ingredients along the way. It took a lot of concentration and willpower but, lo and behold, we stunned ourselves by creating desserts that almost resembled Chef Heather’s (with the right light, Instagram filter etc). A testament to Chef Heather Kaniuk’s instruction.

The good news for you, Luxury Londoners, is that to try one of the Shangri-La’s signature desserts this chocolate week, you won’t have to make it yourself. Head down (or, technically, up) to restaurant TÎNG to try the Shangri-La Or Noir Marquise as made by the professionals, which will be on the menu throughout Chocolate Week (9-15 October 2017). To sip the hotel’s dreamy signature hot chocolate, head to artisan deli and café, LÁNG.

If you want to raise a toast to Chocolate Week but have had your fill of the sweet stuff, move from TÎNG to GŎNG – the hotel's destination bar – for an unforgettable cocktail with a view. Visit at sundown, and you can watch the sun set whilst sitting beside the infinity pool feeling like a VIP.