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Tour Paris With a Fetching New Film by Chaumet

 A French love affair: explore the visual history of Chaumet in a seductive, sentimental new fine jewellery film, set on the iconic streets of Paris

Chaumet has unveiled a captivating new film inspired by its resplendent heritage, which is intrinsically linked to the history of Paris. Marie-Étienne Nitot founded the fine jewellery house in 1780 and was official jeweller to Napoléon and his wife, Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, who was a loyal collector and devotee of Chaumet. 

Titled Gaités Parisiennes, the modern film follows a young couple in the throes of romance, as they tour through the city of love, retracing Empress Joséphine’s footsteps. It takes you from Joséphine’s opulent former home, the Château de Malmaison, to an exotic, tropical greenhouse inspired by the gardens where she played a child. It then speeds up with a bike ride along a promenade in Paris and ends at the Chaumet flagship at 12 Place Vendôme, where bedazzling diamond creations glitter beneath the midnight sky.

Icons of Chaumet accompany the young couple throughout the film, including the astounding Belle Époque Bourbon de Parme tiara, supplied to the Duke of Doudeauville for his daughter in 1919. The colourful Hortensia collection is brought to life in the greenhouse, inspired by Joséphine’s love of flowers and perfectly suited for Spring. Next, the opulent Palais Garnier opera house provides a grand backdrop for the graceful Joséphine Rondes de nuit creations, paired with another striking tiara, topped with a vivid blue sapphire. 

The film continues at the ballet, where the delicate Liens collection mimics the rippling fluidity of ballerina ribbons, followed by a romantic game of hide-and-seek at the imposing Louis Vuitton Foundation, which is a gentle nod to LVMH ownership of Chaumet. 

The history of Paris is entwined in Chaumet’s Belle Epoque baubles and bouquets of diamonds, perched on ring bands and strung on chains. It sparkles in sentimental pendants, characterful watch dials and delicate bracelets, infused with aristocratic glamour and modern romance. Watch the new film above and let the femininity and entrancing history of Chaumet’s iconic collections seduce you, one twinkling tiara at a time.