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Browhaus Covent Garden Review: Power Brows

Down tools and allow Browhaus to transform your face by tweaking only your eyebrows

I’ve tweezed, I’ve been threaded and I’ve sparingly coloured in the thinning threads with a matchy matchy fair pencil, but in all my 21(+) years I’ve never altered the colour of my eyebrows because I always thought it would look absurd. A ludicrously cool hairdresser once wanted to bleach my eyebrows, as well as the hair on my head (for a Scandi-style look), but I wasn’t quite brave enough. Fast forward to the summer of 2017 and my eyebrows were fairer (naturally lightened by the sun) and thinner than ever so it was time to take action.

In the age of Snapchat filters, microblading and semi-permanent makeup (power brows that you have tattooed on), there’s a whole world of opportunity to transform your face by tweaking only your eyebrows. Without want to commit to the change permanently, I discovered Browhaus’s signaturature treatment ‘Browgraphy’ and thought this sounded like an ideal compromise. 

Billed as an MOT for your brows, Browgraphy comprises of a shape and colour tweak to construct your ideal arch. My ‘Brow Architect’ had years of experience in threading, so after taking a closer look at my brows and asking what I wanted, she set to work taking expert strokes. I didn’t think I’d need much off of my barely-there brows but suddenly they looked far tidier, and more defined, than ever before.

Moving onto the semi-permanent tint, we agreed that I didn’t need particularly dark eyebrows but that going a few shades darker would benefit my face. She skillfully painted on a medium brown hue and left it for fewer than five minutes, before washing it off and the big reveal.

Handing me a magnifying mirror I could clearly see a difference, which had an instant wow factor but admittedly took a little getting used to: a sudden dark brow I was convinced I could actually see if I frowned. 

My brow specialist also highlighted areas of concern: “Your eyebrows are tiny and very fair,” she said as I nodded in agreement, but apparently there is a cream you can buy here to encourage regrowth (it was around £40 – a small price to pay if it actually works – but I decided I needed to get used to my newfound brows before encouraging more of them). I was tempted by the eyebrow pencil that she filled in the sparse bits with – and guided me through how to recreate the look at home – mostly as it was designed so that you don’t need a sharpener.

Leaving the Holborn location (which has a decor inspired by Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel), I switched my phone into front-camera mode and took a selfie so terrifying that I scurried down to the tube feeling very inconspicuous. I was convinced my brows were like a beacon, but by the time I got home I had to ask family if they noticed anything different about me. It took three attempts, finally: “Your eyebrows are darker?”. Yes! 

As the eyebrow specialist had assured, the dye did die down after I’d washed my face that evening and, by the following morning, I was fully on board with the Browgraphy and found a new spring in my step. The colour was darker than before but not unnaturally so, the shape was contemporary and tidy and, while I couldn’t exactly replicate the technique of the professinal brow fixer, the overall effect was the perfect frame for my face. A few weeks on and the power brow is still going strong, it’s needed little to no maintenance. The tint should last for six to eight weeks, at which point I’ll be wondering where my eyebrows have gone – but I’m sure Browhaus can find them again.

Colour tweak costs £12, thread and tweeze costs £18. Browhaus has four London stores in Covent Garden, Holborn, Chelsea and Mayfair. See browhaus.com/uk for details