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Cowshed Spa at Shoreditch House: Review

Feeling tired, grouchy or in need of a massage? Here's why you should consider booking a treatment at Cowshed Spa at Shoreditch House

Dropping the phrase ‘Shoreditch House’ into a conversation commands a certain smugness. It has kudos in super trendy social circles. It is, of course, part of the Soho House group, the world’s most famous chain of private members’ clubs. The group is currently enjoying a significant number of column inches in the London media thanks to the opening of its latest outpost, The Ned, in the City.  

Inside, the upholstered havens hide a resident spa and skincare brand: Cowshed, which has been synonymous with the group since the first spa opened in 1998 in the old cow shed at Babington House, its Somerset club. 

Using organic and wild crafted plant extracts, Cowshed is a notoriously playful brand. Whether you are looking at taking some of its products home (ranging from body oils to eye balms, and shampoo to candles) or visiting one of its spas, Cowshed rejects the one-size fits all approach.

The company’s range of ‘mood’ themes means that you can tailor what you want from a product or a treatment in relation to how you’re feeling. So, for example, if you’re burnt out, the Knackered Cow range has calming lavender to soothe your sorrows; if you’re feeling grouchy, the Grumpy Cow collection will banish a bad mood with its mandarin and grapefruit essences. There’s even a Horny Cow range for the amorously inclined, featuring a seductive blend of rose, patchouli and vanilla, plus cinnamon for a warming touch of spice.

A connecting theme between the Cowshed and Soho House brand is its rustic luxury feel – think sripped-back wood with chandeliers. You won’t find any whale music or the sound of trickling water at Shoreditch House – this spa is a sociable place to unwind, which feels uber relaxed and not stuffy. Considering it’s located in one of the most exclusive clubs in London, it’s very surprising how you’re made to feel so at home. 

When I visit, it’s the end of a very long week and I am feeling rather cranky. The solution? The Moody Cow massage. Using an oil with a blend of rose geranium, linden blossom and frankincense, the aroma almost instantly banishes my bad mood. Of course, the firm yet soothing massage which melts the knots away in my back, also helps. 

Other treatments available at the spa range from manicures and pedicures to facials – but the most interesting thing on the menu is the LED facial. Recently launched in collaboration with The Light Salon and using an express skin rejuvenation technology, these quick treatments use LED light technology due to its reported benefits. Light therapy is a natural, non-invasive treatment that is completely safe and suitable for all ages and skin types. It’s ideal  for all-round skin health, delivering energy into the cells to boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

After my treatment, enjoying a slice of cake and a cup of tea from its in-spa café, I think to myself: “I could stay here until the cows come home.” 

It’s good to know that you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the spa, too. 

Cowshed, Shoreditch House, 1 Ebor Street, E1, 020 7749 4531, www.cowshedonline.com