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Dermalogica Facial, Chelsea: Beauty Review

Ellen Millard embarks on a Face Mapping exploration in Chelsea

Not since my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award have I been so keen to look at a map. But while my walking boot-clad 16-year-old self spent her first orienteering lesson getting lost in the Lake District, today’s tutorial is set to be a little smoother. 

I’m visiting Dermalogica’s Duke of York Square store, which opened at the end of last year and boasts two underground treatment rooms, where its signature facials are performed – a key component of which is the Face Mapping service. Less intense than it sounds, Face Mapping provides an analysis of your skin using an LED light, which divides your face into sections and allows your beauty therapist to pick out the problem areas that need targeting. 

I opt for the ProSkin60 treatment, an hour-long session, in the hope that my depleted winter complexion will have some life pumped back into it. After an initial pre-cleanse, my face is blasted with steam to open up my pores (a weird sensation not dissimilar to opening the dishwasher and getting a face full of hot air) before my therapist begins to chart my face map. A dehydrated forehead and blocked pores on my nose and chin are my main issues, I’m told. She also, rather alarmingly, points out that she can tell I sleep on my left-hand side, which is lacking in elasticity (note to self: turn over). 

Diagnosis given, my skin is indulged in a moisture-heavy treatment with a focus on reducing congestion. Creams are applied liberally, some gel-like and in circular motions, others thick and painted on with a brush and one that is left to fizz a little. Between creams, different pieces of ominous equipment with equally ominous names – BT Micro and Hydradermabrasion – are used. Both look and sound intense but are surprisingly gentle, buffing away at the skin and delicately removing the bad stuff, such as dead skincells and congested pores. 

As a bit of a beauty sceptic, I have never been overly impressed with a facial before – but in this instance, the effects are obvious. My pores are reduced, my skin feels silky soft and, if one can say such a thing about themselves, I’m glowing. To help me keep up the good results, I’m handed a three-point skin fitness plan, along with my very own face map to take home with me. My navigation skills may still need some work, but at least I’m on the right road to a clear complexion.  

ProSkin60 facial, £70, 37 Duke of York Square, SW3, dermalogica.co.uk