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Elegant New Decanter Keeps Wine Fresh For 12 Days

Never waste a drop of wine again with the innovative eto decanter by Tom Cotton

A revolutionary new decanter can extend the life of your wine for at least 12 days, according to its creator, Tom Cotton, who devised the patented design, which works by creating an airtight seal between wine and air.

It’s air that causes wine to oxidise after opening a bottle – resulting in that vinegary flavour after days of sitting, even with the cork popped back in. According to research, an outrageous 50 million litres of wine are poured down the drain a year – but now you can put an end to that misery.

Designer Tom Cotton, who invented the eto, demonstrated the effectiveness of his premium decanter with a blind tasting of a red and white wine. Having previously worked with Tommee Tippee, famous for its unique approach to teats on babies bottles, eto isn’t Tom’s first foray into dispensing drinks.

Three glasses of each were poured, one contained wine that had been open for the past week; one contained wine from bottle that had just been opened and a third contained wine that had been opened a week ago yet decanted and preserved in an eto. 

It didn’t take long to identify the wine that had been open for a week – the red featured a darker colour to the others, a distinctive scent and the tell-tale taste of vinegar. However, trying to the distinguish the difference between the remaining two glasses – the freshly opened glass, and the eto-stored one – was near impossible. 

The word eto is Welsh for ‘again’, and the decanter is so named to encourage you to enjoy wine again, and again, and again (without it spoiling). 

Its simple but stylish design combines form and function; eto holds a whole 750ml bottle of wine, it's easy to handle, fits perfectly in your fridge door and will look good on your table. Just decant your bottle of wine into eto to serve, and push the neck down to form the seal to preserve your wine’s full flavour.

It was five years in the making and the claim eto keeps your wine fresh for 12 days has been as proven by independent laboratory tests.

Having seen the sleek decanter in action and sampled the difference, we’re adding eto to our wishlists here at Luxury London – and wondering when the magnum version will be available.

Tom launched eto on a Kickstarter campaign at midday on Tuesday 6 June with a £55,000 target goal. It was funded within 32 hours. The campaign is at £198,731 and rising at the time of publishing, and does not close until 6 July. 

eto will retail from £79 but you can back it on Kickstarter from £59 until 6 July 2017. kickstarter.com/projects/etowine/eto-a-beautiful-innovation-in-wine-preservation