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Enjoy Albania: Kep Merli Resort and Residences

Albania’s first luxury eco-resort is set for completion in 2018

Kep Merli Resort and Residences, Albania’s first luxury eco-resort, is set to open the eyes of discerning travellers to the luxuries of the country. The site, which is set for completion in 2018, will be committed to using only the highest standards of amenities and services to create a hallmark of excellence in hospitality and eco-travel.

The resort’s 28 acres of land are tucked between the Albanian coastal towns of Saranda and Ksamil, two miles to the north of the Greek island of Corfu, sharing the same pristine waters of the Ionian Sea. Guests can choose to stay in one of two five-star hotels, managed under the Falkensteiner brand, or try the exclusive private luxury residential villas.

This collection will offer extensive space and privacy in a serene and secluded area. All accommodations will encompass floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular vistas of the sea during the day and the colourful sunsets at dusk. Residents and guests will enjoy access to an array of private facilities and services including a yacht marina, restaurants, bars, shops, two private beaches, a spa and wellness centre, a sports club, a diving centre and other year-round activities.

The resort’s ecological approach to architecture and design underscores its dedication to sustainability and eco-tourism. An abundance of local leisure activities and sites around Kep Merli give guests a chance to explore the beauty, history and culture of Albania. Recommended sites include the historical UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Butrint, Corfu Old Town, Gjirokaster and Berat, as well as the Blue Eye Springs and the bustling town of Saranda.

Albania is set to become the next bucket-list destination of Europe. With its neighbouring countries’ exceptional success in tourism and increase in popularity amongst travellers, it is the perfect time for Kep Merli to unveil the beauties of this hidden gem. Be one of the first to experience Albania like never before.