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Head Concierge at ME London Presented with Golden Keys

ME London’s Head Concierge, Ruairi McDowell, joins The Society of Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth

Ruairi McDowell, Head Concierge of ME London, has been presented with a set of prestigious Golden Keys.

The Society of Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonweath (Les Clefs d'Or) is a professional network of elite hotel concierges, setting standards for the industry. Members can be identified by wearing a pin of golden crossed keys on their lapels. 

Established in 1952 in France, Les Clefs d’Or is based on service and friendship. Members must earn the right to wear the keys but, once awarded their own, they become part of an elite network of concierges around the world.

Ruairi began his hotel career aged 16, working as a porter. He trained under his father, who was Head Conceirge at the Royal National Hotel.  

With 15 years’ experience, including at Millennium Mayfair Hotel, Ruairi joined the team at ME London as it opened in 2013 as Assistant Concierge, training with the then Head Conceirge Ronan Gawronski. He was promoted to Head Conceirge last year.

“My father has been a Golden Keys member for 30 years and my brother received his keys 2 years ago, so this is not only a huge career highlight for me but also a personal achievement and something my whole family are proud of. It feels very special to be wearing the prestigious Golden Keys, knowing it gives every guest I encounter a sense of trust in my advice and work as soon as they see them on my shoulder,” said Ruairi.

“Working for the ME brand has allowed me to develop my own personal style, as I am encouraged to make every guest’s experience special and not conform to the mould.  The past five years with the hotel have really given me the tools to balance being myself and bringing an individual flair to the role, allowing me to give the best possible service.”