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Iguana Yachts: Sheer luxury – in and out of the Thames

All aboard the Black Mist, Iguana Yacht's custom-designed amphibious boat 

This summer Luxury London was invited aboard a custom-designed Iguana Yacht called Black Mist for a two-hour adventure, from Westminster to Greenwich, on the River Thames. 

Aside from the impeccable design of Black Mist, which features fittings and finishes of the highest luxury, there’s one thing that makes this performance yacht stand out – quite literally. Iguana Yachts create luxurious amphibious boats that travel from land to water almost seamlessly.

Founder Antoine Brugidou joined us on board Black Mist, where we enjoyed afternoon tea and cocktails from the award-winning Dandelyan Bar, Mondrian London at the Sea Containers. 

Built with carbon fiber, marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, the yacht moves with skill and agility while a combination of hydraulic mobility, carbon nylon wheels and stainless-steel bearings means hassle-free operation and easy maintenance. 

The boat also features top-of-the-range technology including an integrated GPS and BOSE sound system, which includes chart plotter and depth sounder.

On water, the performance speedboat travels at up to 35 knots. Once the caterpillar tracks deploy in three seconds you will be transported at 4.5mph on land.

Here’s 10 facts about Iguana Yachts:

  1. It takes 3 seconds for the caterpillar tracks to deploy, when stowed they act as fenders 
  2. State-of-the-art speedboat can travel 45 knots on water and 4.5mph on land 
  3. The canopy can be stowed flat for storage in 8 seconds, deployed by a simple button 
  4. Capable of cruising 100 miles with the ability to securely transfer guests even in five feet beach break 
  5. Ideal for use in exaggerated tides and where freedom and flexibility are key  
  6. If you can walk on the land, so can the Iguana  
  7. The pioneering technology includes an integrated state-of-the-art GPS and BOSE sound system
  8. With a ground pressure per square cm – equivalent to an 80-kg human, the environmental impact is the lowest in the industry 
  9. Active Thermal Management allows battery cells to be heated and cooled efficiently, blending cutting-edge technology and sustainability 
  10. Six years between concept and prototype, the Iguana was launched in 2011 and now runs to 4 models as well as E-Drive capability