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WATCH: J.M. Weston Presents a Footwear Fairy Tale, Starring Omar Sy

Le Beau Dormant is a playful new Sleeping Beauty-style short film from footwear specialist, J.M. Weston, starring French actor and comedian, Omar Sy

Forget leading lady – the leading loafer in a new film by cordwainer, J.M. Weston is the Moc’ Weston shoe in vibrant pink suede calfskin.  

The whimsical film offers a playful twist on the classic Sleeping Beauty and stars French actor and comedian Omar Sy as a dapper Prince Charming, who is awakened from his slumber by actress and dancer Alexia Giordano. The pair break into dance, demonstrating the feather-light ease and comfort of the new J.M. Weston loafer, set to a climactic score by Oxmo Puccino and Edouard Ardan.

Established in 1891, J.M. Weston is synonymous with French elegance, simplicity and exquisite craftsmanship, which appeals to French presidents as much as it does Parisian youth tribes. The refined and versatile Moc’ Weston is a lightweight variation of the iconic 180 Moccasin loafer, handcrafted in cashmere-like, soft suede and ideal for summer jaunts. Wear yours with chinos or denim, and pair with a purposeful stride.

The Moc' Weston, £430.00; 60 Jermyn Street, St. James's, London SW1Y 6LX, 020 7629 9494, www.jmweston.fr/en