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Jackie Kennedy Onassis: The First Lady Of Fashion

The release of Jackie, a biopic documenting the story of Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy Onassis, provides a timely excuse to celebrate the enduring style of the most fashionable of First Ladies

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was one of the most loved First Ladies of all time. Despite only holding her role in the White House for just under three years (before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963), her influence and legacy has lasted decades. Treasured for her amiable character, Kennedy was admired most for her fashion sense.

Although the biopic Jackie (released in January 2017 with Natalie Portman playing the role of the First Lady), is dedicated to the tumultuous years that followed the assassination of her husband, the film also recreates some of her most iconic looks. 

These include the strawberry pink Chanel suit (and matching pillbox hat) that she famously refused to take off, despite being covered in her husband’s blood, the glorious green dress with white long-sleeved gloves she wore to a classical music concert, and the red suit she sported while giving a tour of the White House for CBS television in 1962.

Her style influence can be seen in every matching suit, elbow-length glove, neck tie, oversized glasses and small, vintage-style handbag – seen today in both high street and high fashion. Gucci even named a bag after her – the Jackie bag. Most recently, Melania Trump wore a retro-style, powder blue suit, with matching gloves for President Trump’s inauguration in January, just as Jackie had done at JFK’s inauguration in 1961. 

Kennedy’s style is enduring, unforgettably fashionable and set the bar for all future First Ladies. Here's how to get the Jackie Kennedy Onassis look:


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