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Lounge Lizard: decoding the Volvo Lounge Console concept

If you’ve ever been squished into a backseat and wished it were more like a plane, wish no longer; Volvo has trumped the chauffeur-driven greats and reinterpreted automotive interior design for the modern traveller.

The pleasure of sinking into a business class seat for a long-haul flight has nothing on the Lounge Concept; think leg room and then some, as well as a range of technological opportunities to stay in touch with the world while you recline in comfort.

With the company’s Swedish roots, we’re not surprised that it’s Volvo that’s been the first to come up with this Ikea-esque mix-and-match solution to the problem of backseat legroom. We’re excited to see what might become possible when AI chauffeurs take over and the spacial redesign can really begin.

Stretch Out
The Lounge Console replaces the front passenger seat, offering a more spacious rear configuration  

Play Footsie
Additional space for shoes exists below the cushioned leg rest 

The table rotates 90 degrees and powers a 17-inch screen for a full in-car theatre experience

A large work table opens to reveal an illuminated vanity mirror, including a storage tray for personal accessories

Lock Up
There is also a lockable storage box included in the new concept for added security.