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New Colours for the BMW i8

If you’ve seen more than a few supercars in your time, you’ll understand the unwritten rule that each brand sticks to its signature colours – for example, Ferrari to the striking red, or perhaps white or black. Lamborghinis, on the other hand, look fantastic in bold oranges, lime greens and yellows.

Thus far, the BMW i8 has been available in very limited colourways – all featuring the striking electric blue that has become the car’s signature hue. But that’s all about to change, as BMW issues a wide range of new and exciting paintwork colours for the i8. They’re bright, they’re beautiful, they look great – and they’re only available here in the UK.

The new colours include Java Green, Speed Yellow, Solar Orange, Twilight Purple Pearl, Frozen Grey, Frozen Black, San Marino Blue and Grigio Telesto Pearl to name just a few. Each is available in a variety of finishes, including non-metallic, metallic or Xirallic (which uses a mixture of synthetic mica or aluminium flakes to produce sparkling effects). The ‘frozen’ paintwork is BMW’s answer to a matt finish, which has a unique shimmer and underlines the contours of the i8.

In addition to the new paintwork colours, i8 owners can now add Black W-Spoke alloy wheels to their vehicle, too. So it’s safe to say the next generation of i8s to hit London’s streets will be looking better than ever.

BMW i8 Individual Exterior Paint Programme, from £5,495, available at all BMW i Agents, www.bmw.co.uk