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Nicky Clarke Hair Salon Review

Hair today, gone tomorrow: Luxury London pops into the world-renowned Nicky Clarke hair salon to see what the stylist to the stars’ empire has to offer 

Before a holiday, it is my ritual to do some pampering. All the busy hours I spend at work leave little time for sorting chipped nail varnish and removing split ends, but looking good next to fellow sunbathers is a priority. With this at the top of my to-do list, I potter down Carlos Place to the Nicky Clarke salon to have my tresses prepped by the experts.

The boutique is quietly tucked away from the road, looking more like a charming residential building than a business. As I waltz in, I am welcomed by the receptionist who peeps out from a tall desk to take my coat and escort me to my seat. Waiting for my stylist, I take in the light that filters through the spacious windows and the large mirrors, which give the illusion of extra space.

I am seen by an excitable and ostentatious stylist who has me giggling with his blow-by-blow account of the busy day and the back-to-back sessions he has had to work through – this place is certainly popular. While we chat, I barely notice that my long bob is being precisely clipped and layered.

We are in the depths of discussing the revamp due to take place in the coming months, when I realise that my appointment has come to an end. Without the fear and panic that I usually have waiting to see the result of a haircut (often alarmingly severe and which I usually have to spend the next three months growing out), I smile at my reflection. I am ready to embark on my holiday with a sleek, subtly layered trim, made all the more glossy with a spritz of Shine Spray.

Before I am out the door, I can’t help but pocket the Nicky Clarke Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner – perfect for dry follicles after too much sun and sea exposure. I have a feeling I’ll be back here for more than just holiday prep. 

11 Carlos Place, W1K 3AX, www.nickyclarke.com