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Paola Diana, Founder of Luxury Concierge Sigillius: Making The Impossible Possible

As Founder and Managing Director of Sigillus, the global concierge company, Paola Diana makes the impossible possible. Here, the savvy entrepreneur discusses living a life without limits 

Why did you launch Sigillus?
I started Sigillus because the clients of the first company that I founded, Nanny & Butler, as well as myself, couldn’t find a refined and high calibre concierge service that matched our expectations. There were many around but their approach wasn’t very bespoke. Myself and the team at Nanny & Butler, the leading childcare and domestic staff consultancy, had an extensive understanding of our clients’ needs and were regularly being asked to provide solutions for luxury travel, children’s concierge, private jet charters and event planning, etc. It was the obvious next step for me to expand my business and offer full lifestyle management. Through Sigillus we deliver a 360 service for our clients, giving them the opportunity and freedom to enjoy the very best of life. Time is one of the greatest commodities.

What makes Sigillus special?
We provide a highly bespoke and discreet service and make it a priority to know our members’ lifestyles, pre-empting their needs. Most importantly, members can expect a highly-personalised service from dedicated lifestyle managers rather than a call centre. We are also the absolute specialists on the Italian market. Through our network and offices in Milan and Rome, we create highly-tailored and truly magical experiences – memories that last a lifetime. Italy is my country and I love to share its beauty with our members.

Why have concierge services risen in popularity?
As the wealth and luxury sector expands, demand continues for the freedom that luxury services offer. There are only 24 hours in a day and people want to maximise them. Our services enable members to lead the lifestyles they desire. There are no limits.

Is networking important for some of your clients?
Absolutely. Networking is key, whether for business or pleasure. It’s all about who you know and lifestyle is the common denominator, whether it’s going to a fashion show or dining at a private members’ club. Networking is particularly vital for our corporate members, focused on global connections to enhance brand performance and boost their executive profiles. 

Is there a typical Sigillus member?
Our members range from executives and entrepreneurs to corporate clients such as private banks and family offices. All are looking for the dedicated, discreet and seamless support our lifestyle managers offer and rely on our established worldwide network to deliver exceptional experiences.

Just how far can clients go with requests?
We find solutions to life’s problems and make dreams come true. Whether skiing with a world champion, dining with a Hollywood actor, driving the latest supercar, or tracking tigers in India, we make the impossible possible.

Where do you see the future of Sigillus?
Sigillus is fast becoming renowned as the best name in lifestyle management. Due to demand, we have offices planned for Dubai and New York. However, we won’t ever franchise the business in order to grow – reputation is everything in the luxury sector. Our members can rely on a highly-personalised and expert service, wherever they are in the world.