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Seductive New Scents For Men & Women

New and upcoming fragrances to set pulses racing this Autumn. September has never smelt so good…

Velvet Haze, Byredo 

The latest addition to Byredo’s fragrance library might just be the sexiest scent of 2017. Velvet Haze is a hypnotic, whimsical blend of wild musk and warm patchouli, woven with cacao and splashed with sweet coconut water for a light, memorable finish. A truly divine, rather magical scent that lingers seductively in your wake. 

£95 for 50ml

Clive Christian 

Haute fragrance house Clive Christian has updated its olfactory offering with five pairs of supremely luxurious, sophisticated new scents. Each one borrows a letter from Clive’s name and encapsulates a moment from the perfumer’s illustrious past. 'C' evokes the rugged Scottish landscape where Christian grew up, while 'E' is inspired by the opulent interior of Buckingham Palace, where he was inducted into the prestigious honours list.

As per Clive Christian’s USP, each complex fragrance sparkles with a cornucopia of luxurious ingredients, gathering mystery and allurement as they settle on the skin. 

Each perfume in the Private Collection is priced at £275

Bulgari Goldea, The Roman Night

For seduction in a single spray, reach for The Roman Night - the latest addition to Bulgari’s fabled Goldea collection. This alluring, come-hither companion is an opulent, rich mix of ripe berries, black peony and jasmine, deepened by musk and vetiver. It is a heady blend of both masculine and feminine notes, with a campaign fronted by Bella Hadid. It is just the thing to put you in the mood for enticing winter evenings – pair with a slick of dark lipstick and you're good to go.

Complementing Bulgari’s new female fragrance is Man In Black Essence, inspired by Africa’s wild terrain. Both earthy and oriental, sprightly yet sexy, it blends citrus fruits, sweet rum, spices and cocoa beans for a modern, refined finish. Brooklyn-based, contemporary artist Laolu Senbanjo has designed the opulent, eye-catching bottle. 

Goldea the Roman Night, £81.00 (75ml); Man in Black, £74 (100ml)

Viking, Creed

Viking is a valiant new fragrance from Creed, made for modern explorers. Bergamot and vetiver mingle with rose, peppermint and Sicilian lemon for a fresh, invigorating scent with staying power. This is the first new fragrance for men from Creed since 2010 and boy, is it worth the wait.

£185 for 50ml