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Liquid Assets: Sexy Fish Launches New Cocktail Menu

Under the sea in Mayfair: the new Sexy Fish cocktail menu puts the aquatic world first

As fab and flamboyant as the Sexy Fish restaurant is, it’s the Coral Reef room downstairs that really impresses. The bright aquarium that lines the walls not only makes a funky alternative to wallpaper but brings the beauty of the oceans to life. It’s a good reminder to city folk that their actions have consequences, which is well addressed in the new Sexy Fish cocktail menu that puts the aquatic world first.

Plastic straws have been banned – the UK alone uses and discards more than 100 million every day – and swapped with biodegradable versions or reusable metal ones that can be purchased for £7. Not only that, but some ingredients are even recycled from the kitchen. Buy the cocktail menu for £15 and you can make one of the 17 drinks at home, too. Why not start with these?  

Ghetto Flip

Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky is the base for this creamy concoction that can be served either hot or cold. Pistachio, banana, tonka bean and one whole egg are mixed together. It tastes like a smoothie, but with added Branca Menta liqueur it’s not one you’ll be finding in the gym any time soon. 


The pièce de résistance of the collection is enveloped in bright red coral. Salmon off-cuts from the restaurant are marinated in Hendrick’s gin to add a fishy flavour, then follows basil and fennel cordial and a few drops of chilli oil. The process might sound off-putting but the flavour materialises as a sweet, subtle aroma reminiscent of seaweed snacks. 

Scantily Clad Martini

Not one for a Monday night, this recipe is sure to blow the socks and trousers off the most hearty of vodka drinkers – no wonder it is labelled Scantily Clad. Wagyu fat and shiitake mushrooms are marinated in Belvedere Smogóry Forest vodka, which is served over ice and topped with a dried shiitake mushroom. 

Siren’s Call

For those among us with a sweet tooth, this is a quaffable combination of sugary and zesty. St-Germain elderflower liqueur, mango, bergamot and bee pollen are finely strained into a coupette and topped with an ice cube that is indented with the sultry silhouette of Damien Hirst’s bronze mermaid from the Sexy Fish bar.   


From £14; Berkeley Square, W1J, sexyfish.com