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Take a Private Jet to UEFA Euro 2016

If you’re a football fan but don’t fancy mingling with the riff-raff to get to the games, there is another way. Why not hop on a private jet?

This time next month, football fans across Europe will be on the edge of their seats for the kick-off of UEFA Euro 2016. Many will even be making the journeys to cities across the continent for their very own seat in the stands.

However, there are better ways to arrive at the stadium than packed trains or endless traffic jams. Why not take to the skies instead in your very own private jet?

Private Jet charter service Victor is offering some exciting packages for football fans this summer. Whether you’re travelling with colleagues for the ultimate work perk or you’re gathering together a group of friends for one heck of a lads’ night out, Victor has a range of different options to get you to the games in style.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous? Premiership footballers will have nothing on you.

Top Tips for Booking a Private Jet

  1. Choose the right aircraft – Every aircraft is different, with varying ranges, speeds, seats and luggage capacities, and it is important to choose the right jet to suit your needs. For example, whilst a Cessna Citation Mustang is ideal for flying to business meetings, it's not big enough to hold football fans and their luggage. 
  2. Pay attention to the details: how many flight attendants are included on the flight? Will food and alcohol be served? Are there onboard facilities i.e. Wi-Fi, toilets etc.? 
  3. Don’t arrive too early. Remember, private jets fly on your time. You don’t need to show up two hours before. You should generally aim to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your departure.
  4. …But be on time. A major perk of private charter is that there is no such thing as missing your flight. If you are stuck in traffic, your flight will wait for you. However, if delays cause you to incur any additional airport fees, it is likely that you will have to pay the difference so it is important to try to be on time.
  5. Luggage: one of the perks of flying private is that your luggage can travel on the aircraft with you, so no need to wait for it to be checked in. Your bags will be carried into the cabin or the hold, depending on their size and the pilot’s recommendation. Note – one soft, medium-sized piece of luggage per person is usually advised.

An Embraer 145 private jet (50 economy seats) costs approx. £23,000-25,000 for a return flight in one day from London to the south of France during June, and approx. £18,000-20,000 to Paris for the final. A six-seater Citation CJ3 jet multi-leg journey for the semi-finals and final in July (London-Lyon, Lyon-Marseille, Marseille-Paris) costs approx. £14,000. All prices are indicative quotes and subject to change as the tournament approaches. For up-to-date costs, visit www.flyvictor.com or download the Victor app.