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The Beginners' Guide To Yachtiquette

Cannes Yachting Festival Show Manager, Sylvie Ernoult, reveals her expert advice on how to behave while on-board a yacht  

DO LOOK THE PART It’ s advisable to wear cool, light-coloured clothing that can get wet. Shoes are usually forbidden in the cabin; many yachts have a 'bare foot' rule.  Wear soft-soled 'boat shoes' if shoes are allowed on the deck, do not wear heels as these can scratch and damage the teak decking. Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.  

DO PACK SENSIBLY There is never much storage, soft luggage bags are advised so they can be collapsed for stowing.   

DO BE PUNCTUAL Always allow extra time to get to your boarding destination. If you are late, you are not only keeping the other guests waiting but also your host and the crew. If it is a busy dock, other boats will be waiting as well.    

DO ASK PERMISSION  When you arrive, ask permission to board. The crew may beat you too it, but this gesture is a formality and courteous.  

DO BE CONSIDERATE  Sound carries easily over the water, so when in the harbour be courteous and considerate of crews on neighbouring boats when socialising in the cockpit early in the morning or late at night. Noise should be kept to a minimum before 8am and after 11pm.  

DO LISTEN TO THE CAPTAIN The Capitan’s word is gospel whilst aboard. The captain and the crew are there to provide the best experience possible, but they are responsible for your safety and the safety of the yacht.   

DO RELAX The crew want you to feel at home, however it is essential to remember that although the yacht is yours for the duration of the charter, it should be treated as though it were your home from home. Owners offer their luxury yachts for charter under the circumstances that they will be treated well.   

Slyvie Ernoult is the show manager of the Cannes Yachting Festival