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The 8 Most Amazing UK Holiday Homes To Rent

Calling all city dwellers trying to conjure up ideas and travel inspiration for their next excursion. Why holiday in a hotel when you can live like royalty, surrounded by acres of land in a wonderful country abode?

Boutique boat houses, sprawling Georgian manors, spectacular historical castles and quaint cottages... these are among some of the incredible properties around the UK in which you can kick back during your next trip. There is indeed something to be said for the endless fascination about the English countryside and the beautful, unique properties that populate it. 

As Henry James states, of all the great things we have created and made part of the national character:

"The most perfect, the most characteristic, the only one we have mastered completely in all its details, so that it becomes a compendious illustration of our social genius and manners, is the well-appointed, well-administered, well-filled country house." 

Get your red-spotted hanky, Wellies and fishing rod at the ready. We've found eight of the best holiday rental homes in the UK, where you can escape city life and live the ultimate country dream. The drama, the rhyme, the romance all begins here...

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