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Toby Huntington-Whiteley Reveals His Model Fitness Secrets

From the fitness front line: model and personal trainer Toby Huntington-Whiteley shares his health and grooming tips 

The Huntington-Whiteley clan are one genetically blessed bunch. Following in the footsteps of his smokin’ sister Rosie is Toby Huntington-Whiteley, an athlete-turned-model renowned for his stacked physique, chiselled features and gravity-defying coiffure.

The 6”4 Adonis landed his first campaign in 2015 with British label Jacamo and has since modelled for brands including Ralph Lauren, Bulgari and Burberry. He is also a Nike brand ambassador and face of Tommy Hillfiger’s new athletic collection.

Off-camera, Whiteley works as a performance specialist at the Bulgari Hotel in Kensington. His varied client list ranges from “CEOs and editors to university students” and his high-octane work-out programmes promise impressive results – just look at sister Rosie’s killer abs for proof.

Toby took some time out to answer our quick-fire questions on fitness, nutrition and grooming.  

What age were you when you realised that fitness could be a profession?
After I graduated from university, I went straight into an office job and quickly realised it wasn’t for me. During that time I thought about what I really wanted to do and it was to work in the fitness industry, so I decided the first step was to become a qualified PT. 

What trainer did you do in order to become a PT? 
I went to a fitness studio that specialises in training people to become fitness professionals. I went every day for a few months to get my fitness qualification but that was only the start. To become a great personal trainer you need to commit to continuous learning. I try and do a new course every year to keep up to date with new techniques and skills.

What misconceptions do people often have about getting fit?
That it’s hard and too difficult. Anyone can get fit, it just takes dedication and consistency; it’s all about creating healthy habits and sticking to them.

Is it true that you can cure a hangover with a workout?
I wouldn’t say cure, but it can make you feel a lot better afterwards, just don’t expect it to be your best workout. At university we used to go straight from the club to the gym for rowing training – those were the worst workouts but I never got a headache.

Everything in moderation including moderation

What is your favourite cycling route in London?
I cycle most days to work and go through Hyde Park. My favourite time is early in the morning when the park is quiet and the sun is coming up – it’s beautiful.

How would you describe your diet?
Everything in moderation, including moderation. I live to eat and my food is so important to me. I love everything from pizza to salad. I don’t have a strict diet and I certainly don't calorie count. My girlfriend is a nutritional therapist and cooks me delicious, heathy food at home so I'm very lucky. I just eat well as much as I can; I will stay away from desserts during the week but always treat myself to one at the weekend.   

Do you take supplements?
Yes I will always start my day with some vitamin C or a multi-vitamin as it helps keep my immune system healthy. After my workouts I have a protein shake to help my recovery so I am not too sore the next day. I also take Magnesium in the evening before I go to bed to relieve any muscle soreness and to help me relax and sleep well.

Do you have cheat days?
Yes and no. Sometimes I will have a complete blow out for a day, but I try to just keep it to a cheat meal once a week.

Grooming-wise, what products do you use? 
I mostly use products by Murad and Kiehl's. The products suit my skin and they also seem to be very natural with no added baddies.

Do you have a strict grooming routine?
My skin can be sensitive and has a tendency to flare up, so I always wash my face with a cleanser and moisturise.

Your go-to scent?
My go-to scent has to be Eau Savage by Dior, I have worn it for years.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Tough question. Probably to spend more time with your grandparents and to study harder!